Monday, October 8

The W in www (20 Posts from Around the World)

Gamercize posts from around the World

In no real order, avoiding sites with pop ups where possible, selected web pages from the world containing the phrase "Gamercize".

Collated using the Advanced Search in Google, where you can choose a language or a domain, and the Google Search homepage for different countries. Browse through this list and then try a list yourself. It helps to use a brand name that stays the same worldwide, so choose a name that is not used in common language, trademarks form a useful selection.

I have no idea what some of they say, but that does not matter. The diversity in the web is awesome, and it is not often you realise the true world wide nature of it. The real fun begins when you start clicking links on pages from far away!

  1. UK

  2. Germany

  3. China

  4. USA

  5. France

  6. Israel

  7. Japan

  8. Brazil

  9. Spain

  10. Russia

  11. Vietnam

  12. Ukraine

  13. Turkey

  14. Korea

  15. Italy

  16. Poland

  17. Romania

  18. Australia

  19. Hong Kong

  20. Argentina

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